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Tactical Technologies Inc. (TTI) will be attending and exhibiting at the AOC’s upcoming EW Europe 2014 from May 13-15 in Edinburgh, UK.  TTI will be demonstrating its Tactical Engagement Simulation Software (TESS) product line for radar and infrared countermeasure development, evaluation and effectiveness assessment.

Product Updates

TESS Surface-to-Air and Air-to-Air Missiles with Imaging Infrared Seeker - SAAM(IIR)

SAAM(IIR) is the latest product to receive significant upgrades. In this new revision, a laser-based Directional Infrared Countermeasure (DIRCM) system has been added.  The DIRCM laser can be characterized as either a pulsed or continuous wave (CW) source while the threat defeat mechanisms include dazzling, saturation or permanent seeker detector damage.

SAAM(IIR) is a physics-based simulator designed to evaluate and assess the effectiveness of infrared (IR) countermeasures (IRCM) against the latest generation of imaging IR seekers. The simulator models the closed-loop engagement and interactions between a maneuvering aerial target platform (fixed or rotary wing) equipped with IR flares (standard, propelled and distributed) and a laser-based DIRCM system as self-protection against up to two surface or air launched imaging IR guided missiles.   The missile’s imaging IR seeker supports generic tracking algorithms based on target size, peak power, total power and average centroid location. The missile includes a user-selectable one or two color seeker with proportional navigation guidance system. Customizable IR counter-countermeasure (IRCCM) algorithms such as two-color discrimination, intensity ratio change and line-of-sight (LOS) rate change are built-in to the imaging seeker model.  The IRCMs can be employed against all search and track modes of the missile seeker.

TESS SAAM(IIR) product datasheet is available here.  Evaluations copies and webinar demonstrations are available upon request.  Contact us at info@tti-ecm.com

TESS Anti-Ship Missile with Imaging IR Seeker – ASM(IR)

The integration efforts between TTI’s TESS ASM(IR) and OKTAL-SE’s SE-WORKBENCH are progressing very well.  The development of the naval IR decoys in SE-WORKBENCH are nearly complete and a deployment example in ASM(IR) is illustrated below.  ASM(IR) models closed-loop engagements and physical interactions between a ship platform and a sea or air launched IR-guided (imaging) anti-ship missile.

The integration with SE-WORKBENCH and its various tools will now provide TESS users the ability to render complex infrared synthetic marine environments with physical modeling of atmospheric conditions (solar/lunar irradiance, attenuation and sky radiance), dynamic representation of sea profiles (3D foam volume), and interaction with floating objects (rear and bow wake, Kelvin wake, buoyancy rules).  Users will continue to have the ability to deploy distraction or seduction decoys from repositionable launchers with customized deployment timing sequences and flight characteristics (ejection velocity, diameter, mass, drag coefficient).  The IR decoy volume and motion will continue to be defined by user-enterable maximum size, growth/sustain/decay times, and deceleration/descent rates.

TESS ASM(IR) product datasheet is available here.  Evaluations copies and webinar demonstrations are available upon request.  Contact us at info@tti-ecm.com

Website Updates

The Technical Papers and Presentations pages from Technical Resources section has received some recent modifications.  The technical papers are now linked to their associated presentations.  The following technical papers have recently been added:

Market Survey of Unmanned Surface Vehicles and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for Maritime Applications
C.R. Viau, DRDC-OTTAWA-CR-2013-069, 01 October 2013

Electronic Protection Measures in Modern Anti-Ship Missiles
B. Vigder, DRDC-OTTAWA-CR-2013-003, 01 June 2013

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