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Electronic Warefare - India

EW India 2010 - Bangalore India

February 9 – 11, 2010

National Science Seminar Complex, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India – Please visit TTI’s exhibit stand at EWI 2010 and see what’s new with our Tactical Engagement Simulation Software. The EW India Conference is the first international conference on Electronic Warfare to be held in Bangalore, India and will provide a forum for the presentation and discussion of technical material related to all aspects of Electronic Warfare.

For more information visit http://www.shephard.co.uk/files/events/ewindia_brochure_version5.pdf

Shephard / AOC Electronic Warfare 2010 - Berlin, Germany

May 11 – 12, 2010

The Shephard / AOC Electronic Warfare 2010 is being held at the Estrel Convention Center, in Berlin. EW 2010 is a unique European EW event and excellent opportunity to meet EW leaders from across the armed forces, government and industry.

For more information on EW 2010 follow this link - http://www.shephard.co.uk/files/events/ew10_delegate_brochure.pdf

Air RF & IR TESS Enhancements

The latest releases of TESS Air RF & IR are highlighted below:

All Air TESS Models

  1. Missile launch time is now optionally dependent on attaining target lock-on.
  2. The following measure of effectiveness (MOE) calculations have been added to the models:
    a. Percentage of time in track mode (for radar and seeker);
    b. Percentage of time in search mode (for radar and seeker);
    c. Miss distance is relative to the towed decoy (if deployed)
  3. All scope traces are now captured within the model output files for post-engagement processing.
  4. TESS now uses a single model with a Virtual Reality switch (on/off) to simplify model customization by the user.

Air RF Models

  1. A signature weighting factor has been added to all RCS look-up tables allowing RCS to become a controllable variable in batch runs.
  2. Noise figure is now a user-entered characteristic of the missile seeker and radar receiver.
  3. A scope has been added that depicts total combined power in the radar receive channel.
  4. The maximum number of chaff clouds has been increased to 15.
  5. A new target object, the SR-71 aircraft, has been added to the virtual reality animation.

Air IR Models

  1. Flare ejection can now be triggered automatically whenever a break-lock occurs in the DIRCM system’s missile tracker.

In addition to all the functional changes mentioned above, the fidelity of the physical models have also been improved in many areas and the TESS Master Interface products have now been converted to run in ACCESS 2007

TESS 2010 Prices

TESS pricing will increase 5% in 2010. Since our prices are based in US Dollars and there has been a drop in the value of the USD over 2009 we have no choice but to increase our prices. Anyone interested in getting an up-to date 2010 TESS Price List, or an updated TESS quotation (good for a maximum of 120 days of price protection) please contact TTI at info@tti-ecm.com

New TESS Batch Runner Utility moves into Beta Testing

The TESS Batch Runner has gone through a complete re-design and development is scheduled for initial shipment in early 2010.
Its features are quite extensive and include:

  • An improved flexible user interface
  • Automatic engagement model interrogation for input parameter extraction, and output data set discovery
  • Built-in scripting for tailoring batch run processing to specific analytical requirements
  • 4 level batch customization - Pre-Batch, Pre-Run, Post-Run and Post-Batch user defined batch control
  • Performance of either threat and/or target-centric engagement analysis
  • User configurable output records of the model’s available data sets
  • XML-based intermediate files that allowing integration with other systems

SPIE Berlin Paper Presentation

TTI was pleased to contribute a paper entitled “A MATLAB /Simulink methodology for simulating dynamic imaging IR missile scenarios for use in countermeasure development and evaluation” to the recent SPIE Conference in Berlin (August 2009).
The authors were our own Jason P. Tremblay and Claude R. Viau. If you are interested in a copy of this paper, contact TTI at info@tti-ecm.com

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