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Some Recent TESS Enhancement Activity




·         A Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) seeker has been added to the SAAM(IR) product


·         Multi-band detector pattern displays have been added for enhanced analysis of DIRCM modulation sequence jamming effectiveness versus passive scanning IR seeker types including Spinscan, Conscan and Pulse Width Modulation seekers in the closed loop engagement COTS products


·         Spinscan and Conscan seekers in the SAAM(IR) product have been redesigned to significantly improve execution speed while providing identical fidelity


·         Plotting capability has been added to allow flexible display of all lookup-table parameter data sets


·         Capability has been added to allow the user selection of either the existing DIRCM tracking and illumination capability or a new always-on-target DIRCM beam capability.  This addition enhances simulator flexibility in the analysis of laser-based DIRCM technology.



·         A new simulation product SAM(CGTWS) has been added to the AIR RF family.  SAM(CGTWS) allows simulation of platform engagement via individual azimuth and elevation sector scanned fan beam radar elements employing track while scan and guiding a command-guided missile


·         User selection of either non-coherent or coherent (Pulse Doppler) radar capability has been added to the simulation product SAM(CG/AAA) which simulates engagement of a target aircraft by both command-guided missiles and radar-guided AAA


·         Moving target indication (MTI) capability has been added to the simulation products SAM(CG/AAA) and SAAM(SA)  


·         An enhanced aircraft target Radar Cross Section (RCS) generation ability through incorporation of the software package POFACETS has been added

Shephard AOC Electronic Warfare 2011 – Berlin, Germany


Electronic Warfare 2011 is being held May 25, 2011 - May 27, 2011 at the Estrel Convention Center in Berlin, Germany.  EW 2011 is a chance to meet EW leaders from across the armed forces, industry and government.  Please visit us at booth 24.

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