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Some Recent TESS Enhancement Activity

TTI has introduced the imaging infrared missile engagement analysis product SAAM(IIR) into the Tactical Engagement Simulation Software (TESS) product lineup:



SAAM(IIR) is a physics-based simulator designed to evaluate and assess the effectiveness of infrared (IR) countermeasures (IRCM) against the latest generation of imaging IR seekers. The simulator models the closed-loop engagement and interactions between a maneuvering aerial target platform (fixed or rotary wing) equipped with IR flares (standard, propelled and distributed) as self-protection against up to two surface or air launched imaging IR guided missiles. The aircraft’s IR signature is user-defined by either specifying a radiant intensity profile for each source (fuselage and up to four engines) as a function of wavelength and aspect angle or by specifying individual/group surface properties (temperature, emissivity) of a 3D model. The missile’s imaging IR seeker supports generic tracking algorithms based on target size, peak power, total power and average centroid location. The missile includes a user-selectable one or two color seeker with proportional navigation guidance system. Customizable IR counter-countermeasures (IRCCM) algorithms such as two-color discrimination, intensity ratio change and line-of-sight (LOS) rate change are built-in to the imaging seeker model. The propagation environment includes user-defined IR attenuation characteristics and background radiant intensity signature, which can be imported from a third party package such as MODTRAN. The IRCMs can be employed against all search, acquisition and track modes of the missile seeker.



Shephard Electronic Warfare Conference India 2012 – Bangalore, India


The technical paper Expendable CM Effectiveness against Imaging IR-Guided Threats, authored by Tactical Technologies Inc, will be presented by TTI’s India representatives, SSPL of Hyderabad at EWCI 2012, February 21 to February 24.


Shephard Electronic Warfare Europe 2012 – Rome, Italy


Electronic Warfare Europe 2012 is being held May 9 to May 11 in Rome, Italy at Palazzo Dei Congressi.  Please visit us at our booth.

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