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Partnership between TTI and OKTAL-SE

Tactical Technologies Inc. (TTI) and OKTAL-Synthetic Environment (OKTAL-SE) have initiated a research and development collaboration to integrate TTI’s Tactical Engagement Simulation Software (TESS) and OKTAL-SE’s SE-WORKBENCH-EO.  The joint solution will allow TESS to leverage the power of SE-WORKBENCH-EO in order to generate complex and realistic electro-optical (EO) and IR synthetic environments (air, sea and land) in support of IR countermeasure systems development, tactics and effectiveness assessment against the latest generation of imaging IR guided threat systems. 


Air, Sea and Land Targets and Background Modeling in SE-WORKBENCH-EO


The first phase of this project was to develop an interface between TESS and SE-WORKBENCH-EO, which was successfully demonstrated.  The next phase, which is currently underway, focuses on TESS anti-ship ASM(IR) simulator and the development of naval IR decoys in SE-WORKBENCH-EO.  In subsequent phases, the integrated IR scene generator and target discrimination framework could be made available to other TESS IR countermeasure effectiveness simulators such as Surface-to-Air and Air-to-Air SAAM(IIR) and Active Protection System ILAPS.

The partnership with OKTAL-SE will enhance TTI’s core IR countermeasure product capabilities and establish the groundwork for future modeling and simulation, training and hardware-in-the-loop (HWiL) requirements.

For more information on this initiative, please contact info@tti-ecm.com


About TTI

Tactical Technologies Inc. produces Tactical Engagement Simulation Software™ (TESS™) for the international Electronic Warfare (EW) market.  TTI’s COTS simulation products are open, physics-based simulation tools used in more than thirty EW Operational Support Centers (EWOS), Air and Maritime Warfare Centers, Intelligence Agencies, Operational Research, and EW Engineering Agencies around the world.

TTI’s TESS physics-based tools enable users to analyze, evaluate, understand and optimize countermeasure effectiveness.

For more information about TTI or TESS, please visit www.tti-ecm.com



OKTAL-SE is the European specialist of sensor simulation COTS software for Research and Development as well as for Real-Time immersive training applications. OKTAL-SE simulation suites offer a coherent solution for synthetic environment modelling and for sensor simulation in the following wave bands:

-          Passive Electro-Optic (visible & infra-red).

-          Active Electro-Optic (laser).

-          Radio-Frequency (radar).

An application dedicated to GPS coverage assessment completes the offer. This has been achieved with the help of large industrial programs and prestigious partnerships with high level scientific institutions (French ONERA, Swedish FOI, German FGAN, Singaporean DSO, French DGA). 

For more information about OKTAL-SE, please visit www.oktal-se.fr

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